Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are not a traditional bit of English life. Actually, I take that back. Dyeing Easter eggs is not a traditional bit of English life. When a Brit uses that term, they are talking about a giant hollow chocolate egg filled with other candies.

Colored eggs don't happen, because regular chicken eggs are generally brown. If you want white eggs, you either buy duck eggs or know someone who keeps "rare breed" chickens. So, Grandma Fehr helped us a bit while we used the dye tablets Grandma Jeanne had bought to help the kids have a good ole' American Easter egg dye fest. Cami was overjoyed -- she'd missed that bit of Easter in 2009.

The treasures found in the backyard during the hunt with Cousin Angie.

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Jeanne said...

Only in Montana do you have to wear winter coats for the Easter egg hunt! :-)