Thursday, October 1, 2015

For the Whelanator...and the munchkins

My friend Sarah messaged me on FaceBook today, asking me to get back to blogging.  Coincidentally, two days ago I pulled up the blog to help Rosie with a school project and all of the kids spent at least half an hour laughing at the funny things they'd said.  Or telling me (arguing with me) how a photo of Gracie couldn't possibly be Gracie, because Gracie had never been blond....

That experience with the kids showed me how valuable the blog was in keeping our memories of life in England alive.  That's how I felt there.  Alive.  Coming back to the States, especially to the city where I was born and had a lifetime of bad memories of...that wasn't living.  So, the blog when into hibernation.

And now, fourteen months to the day that we left home, I'm writing a post.  For Sarah and Julie and Becca, and everybody else who wants to see what this post-St. Louis stage is like.   But mostly, for the munchkins.  So that when they are older they'll remember to laugh.  And that their mom loves them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Circus Day -- 2013

 Last spring (2013) Featherbank Primary had a Circus Day to celebrate the school's fourth "Outstanding" Ofsted rating.  Ofsted assess all public schools and many day care providers & doesn't give "Outstanding" ratings often, so four in a row was a big deal.  

Anyway, Graham was our strong man.  (One of only two that I saw that day.)

Rosie was a Gypsy Fortune Teller.  Her costume was a surprise to everyone -- the only fortune teller in the school.  She loved the attention and her costume.  Her crazy, curly hair wrapped up in a scarf was the perfect look.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Argument Won!

Cami and Graham were just arguing in another room.  It happens often that I don't really pay much attention.  But the conclusion caught my attention (and gave me the giggles.)

G:  issues some random insult.

C:  What you say is what you are!

G (yelling with irritation):  YOU'RE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breaking Radio Silence

I feel like I dreamt about writing this post.  Or maybe it's just deja vu.  Lots of stuff happens, things that professional bloggers would be putting up in a heart beat.  But I go silent.  After a while I don't know what to write about.  So, here's a "I haven't got anything special to report.  I'm just posting something to get back in the habit"post.

So, there's this baby I know who isn't a baby anymore.  She goes to the cupboard to find Nutella multiple times a day.  She likes drawing on herself, the walls, & when she's cheeky-monkey, me.

I think I'll keep her anyway.

Graham's First Publication

Graham has a poem that's being included in the Power of Poetry -- Poems From the North East anthology this fall.  He wrote it as a class exercise in personification and the staff at his school submitted it for publication.  (I think it's called "Frightening Lightning.")

The deadly lightning stung the world with just one fingernail!
It also killed all of Asia and it electrocuted 3000 towers just by tapping them.
When it punched the sea all the sea creatures, scuba divers, boats and other people died.
Suddenly the dangerous hand belonging to the lightning grabbed a forest and chopped it down.
It stepped on a telephone wire and gave it so much electricity that it exploded.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

She Talks!

So, I took an extended summer break from the blog.  Gracie is now correcting that.

She's two.  Very, very two.  Like her elder siblings, she is determined to do what mommy does:  help with laundry, put things away (wish they all still did this), & cook.  Also like her siblings, she's saving up her words until she's three.  This morning she insisted on helping with pancakes.  As we were standing at the stove, I chatted at her (since she doesn't usually say anything back), and said, "Gracie, you're a good cook.  Do you know that?"

Still looking at the pancake in the pan, she stated, "I know, Mommy."

She talks! (Her first sentence.)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wales: Porthmadog Steam Train

 Monday, 1 April 2013.  Porthmadog, Wales.   We caught a steam train that took us about a mile & then dropped us off at a little museum.  It was cold.  But that didn't keep some kids from enjoying the ride.