Monday, June 30, 2008


The following conversation happened between Cami and her friend Jewel, as they were finishing up some vanilla yogurt and Cami asked for dessert.

Jewel: Cami, yogurt is dessert.

Cami: No it's not, because it's healthy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

That's One Way to Look at it. . . .

Cami, Graham, Rose, & I just returned home from one of my favorite summer activities: attending the Friday Farmers' Market. Fresh-picked fruit & veggies, fresh mozzarella, just-gathered eggs, and just-baked bread are so wonderful. Especially when you can talk to the person who grew or made the product. I love the food & value the human connection with the people who produce it.

One of the season's bounties is cherries. I'd hoped to take the kids' cherry picking, but it hasn't happened yet, so we bought some today (along with blueberries & the first peaches of the season). When we got home, Graham went to Jason asking for "help, help" with opening a package of Trader Joe's scrumptious Montmorency dried cherries. Cami asked Jason what Graham wanted and then said, "We bought cherries at the market, but they aren't dry, they are wet!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where is Daddy?

For the past three or four mornings Graham would waken & tell me, "Daddy is in Eegan." By yesterday morning his pronunciation had improved to the point that it came out, "Daddy is in Eenglan." But Jason returned yesterday afternoon & so Graham just told me, "Daddy is home."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome Home

Jason just returned from a trip to Merry Olde England and it appears to have been a success. An application has been submitted & we hope our offer will be accepted for us to move into this very English terraced apartment. (The blue door makes me feel very Notting Hill -- now I just need to get a poster of a goat playing a violin.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maegan Dougherty: Terrific Photographer part 2

Maegan just sent me the link to the entire photo session. I love the photo of Rose in the blue-&-white polka dots dress where her eyes are so blue. I'm biased, I know, but she looks beautiful. (And for anyone wondering, Rose got those blue blue eyes from her Grandpa Fehr.)

Seeing these photos, especially seeing what a great dad Jason is, is the perfect Father's Day gift to me.

Rose is Rubenesque

Anybody who has seen any of my children when they were infants can see instantly that they like their food. Post-birth weight gain has never been a problem. But at Rose's two month check up a doctor actually suggested that I not feed her so often.

Let's just say that this is one suggestion I'm not going to heed just yet.

Two-month Stats
Weight: 15 pounds 11 ounces
Length: 24 1/4 inches
Head Circumference: 16 inches

Monday, June 9, 2008

Phone moments

I'm trying to make this a not-so much computer time day. So, the kids get 20 minutes of "on" time watching "Kipper the Dog" on Youtube and then 20 minutes of stories or forced play time.

Once they start with play time, they often get themselves so distracted by what they are doing that they don't go back to the computer for a long time. Graham started talking on the phone with his imaginary friend. Then Cami handed me the other extension and he started talking to me. "Mom, you are here!" he said into the phone as he pointed at me a mere five feet away.

Half an hour later, Cami took over the pretend phone time. But instead of keeping the phone turned off, she actually turned it on & started pushing buttons. I got nervous, thinking that soon I'd have her disturbing some innocent stranger. But no. When I looked at the number she had dialed, it looked very familiar -- she was calling us.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maegan Dougherty -- Terrific Photographer

Maegan Dougherty, a fabulous photographer who has put up with the craziness of photographing us for the last almost-two years, has done it again. She came to our house yesterday to help us remember what Rose looked like when she was precisely eight weeks old. And, as always, she makes us look better than we do in real life.

She really touched my heart with the amazingly sweet things she said about our family. This is going to be something I read over and over when I'm feeling sad and wondering why I ever got married & had kids.

Check out her post for June 8th, 2008.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life in Review: Sunday, May 18th

The amazing Seguines came to lunch. When they lived here, Tricia & I both served in the Young Women's program, while Dan was the Elders' Quorum President & Jason was one of this counselors. Tricia was the very first person to suggest that I start a blog. It only took two years after the suggestion was made for me to actually do it. But because she's so good about sharing her life online, we avoided all the "Hi, tell me about your life" weirdness where you aren't sure what sorts of things to talk about or what sort of topics are taboo.

Tricia & Dan lived in England when they were fairly-newly married, so I was glad to be able to ask about those random details that you'd never know about a place unless you lived there. Sort of a crash-course in integration. Unexpected bits: #1. Anticipate being unable to make cookies because baking powder works differently. #2. Check the ingredient list before purchasing ice cream -- otherwise you might find butter-flavored foam in a root beer float.

The kids had a grand time, as long as you discount the "I'm appalled at my child" five minutes when Graham pushed his guests & threw a chair at Bella. What a way to introduce her to our family.

Courtney is now an impossibly adult eight year old who was above most of the insanity. Although she let loose when the kids sequestered themselves in Cami & Graham's bedroom. At one point I stuck my head in to make sure everybody was ok. The beds covers were all on the floor, costumes were flung everywhere, & Carter (age 6) was yelling, "This is the best pillow fight ever!"

Jonah won the day, though, during a bathroom visit with his dad. I'm not sure what the context was, but Dan came out shaking his head and muttering "Where did he ever learn that?" It turns out that Jonah had absorbed a bit of Italian from watching the movie "Cars," because he wanted to verify that his father understood him by asking, "Capisce, Dad?"

Life in Review: Friday, May 16th

One of Jason's classmates from when we lived in Florida came to dinner and brought his impossibly cute girlfriend. We've seen a couple of the Tallahassee philosophers here in New Jersey, but Joe's visit may be a repeat event, because he moved here in early May.

It was fun to hear Joe talk to Cami, whom he hasn't seen since she was less than two. And to introduce him to Rose & Graham. He's one of those infectiously happy people who are just so easy to hang out with. The kids didn't intimidate him at all. I shouldn't have been surprised, because when we still lived in Tallahassee he went with us, along with another classmate, to a state park with caverns. He had fun playing with Cami in the car & telling her, "We're in the cave" -- the very thing that I'd say to Cami when we'd hide under the bed covers.

Joe's girlfriend is a junior high art teacher who graciously agreed to spend a Friday night with our under six crowd. I was so glad to have somebody to talk to about my plans to take art classes once we get to Leeds. I asked her what sort of art course she'd take if she could take any one class. I think the question surprised her, but her response got me thinking. She suggested ceramics, which had not been on my mental radar -- but I think when we get to Leeds, I'll try my hands at pottery.

What to say?

You'd think that post title would imply that my relative silence over the past three weeks means that not much has happened. But, in my typical reverse-the-world way of seeing things, there is too much to say & so I've been quiet. So, here's the rundown on all the significant events in our recent past, each of which deserves it's own post. We'll see what happens.

Friday, May 16th: Our first dinner guests since Rose was born. A friend from Tallahassee moved up here & inflicted our family on himself & his girlfriend. It was fun.

Sunday, May 18th: Our friends the Seguines came to lunch. It was great.

Monday, May 19th: Jason's parents & sister arrived. Rose got to meet her grandparents! And we had birthday cake for Grandpa Ted. . .just in case we weren't all together on his birthday.

Wednesday, May 21st: Jason graduated from Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in philosophy. Yea! He did it!

Friday, May 23th: We all drove to Ithaca, NY. It takes a lot longer to visit cousins when the newest member of the next generation needs to nurse. But despite the inconveniences, it was worth it to have all of Grandpa Ted's posterity in one place for his birthday!

Saturday, May 24th: Jason's sister Cindy was hooded. A fancy way of saying she received her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Cornell University. We spent the night in Pennsylvania at my brother-in-laws parents' house, rather than driving through the night.

Sunday, May 25th: Didn't keep the Sabbath day holy, but that made it happy. The three-hour drive from Pennsylvania took nine hours, but stopping at the Steamtown Train Museum in Scranton, PA, had a lot to do with that. We rode an eighty-year old steam locamotive -- how cool is that? And had the friendliest, most helpful server ever at a fast food place.

Tuesday, May 27th: Jason goes back to school, teaching symbolic logic. But this time when students call him Dr. Turner, they'll actually have it right.

Thursday, May 29th: Jason turns 30. Yea! We occupy the same decade again! I sent him to see Indy during the afternoon. (But he had to teach & I had a breakdown because the baby wouldn't sleep.)

Friday, May 30th: Strawberry picking in the morning and we actually celebrated Jason's birthday. Cake & promissory notes on presents (he has to go shopping to select the actual gifts) while sitting on our back patio with our neighbors.

Saturday, May 31st: Jason and I had a date at home (I had another breakdown and canceled with our babysitter) after the kids were in bed. We got Greek food & I explored the possibilities of homemade strawberry syrup with Sprite. I like it a lot -- easy rip off of virgin daquiries.

Sunday, June 1st: Rose's debut at church meant that we arrived two minutes late, rather than our usual fifteen minutes early. I kept her in the baby sling to avoid her being mauled. It worked pretty well, but Cami wanted to show her off in Primary. Just for the record: it's hard to play the piano while holding a baby -- even in the sling.

Wednesday, June 4th: An actual date! We saw Ironman -- and I liked it.

Thursday, June 5th: Got lost trying to find the CSA, but Cami likes raw spinach.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

That's Our Kid

Jason and I are both skilled at giving answers that are accurate without being correct. We do it on purpose. Cami does it with pure intentions.

The Primary (Sunday School) President asked the children today what temple we go to. "Washington" some child answered, because until relatively recently, the Washington D.C. temple was the closest. "No, that's not it," responded the teacher. A few other children murmured answers, among which was Cami's cheerful, "The House of God."