Monday, June 9, 2008

Phone moments

I'm trying to make this a not-so much computer time day. So, the kids get 20 minutes of "on" time watching "Kipper the Dog" on Youtube and then 20 minutes of stories or forced play time.

Once they start with play time, they often get themselves so distracted by what they are doing that they don't go back to the computer for a long time. Graham started talking on the phone with his imaginary friend. Then Cami handed me the other extension and he started talking to me. "Mom, you are here!" he said into the phone as he pointed at me a mere five feet away.

Half an hour later, Cami took over the pretend phone time. But instead of keeping the phone turned off, she actually turned it on & started pushing buttons. I got nervous, thinking that soon I'd have her disturbing some innocent stranger. But no. When I looked at the number she had dialed, it looked very familiar -- she was calling us.


Marie said...

hahaha I hope she doesn't try to call sometime when you're not watching and end up calling somewhere halfways around the world!

Starr said...

Marie, we are protected from that by not having long distance service on the home phone. The cell phone is a different story. . .

Kristin said... taught her well1