Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maegan Dougherty -- Terrific Photographer

Maegan Dougherty, a fabulous photographer who has put up with the craziness of photographing us for the last almost-two years, has done it again. She came to our house yesterday to help us remember what Rose looked like when she was precisely eight weeks old. And, as always, she makes us look better than we do in real life.

She really touched my heart with the amazingly sweet things she said about our family. This is going to be something I read over and over when I'm feeling sad and wondering why I ever got married & had kids.

Check out her post for June 8th, 2008.


Tricia said...

Ooooh Starr, I love you in blue! You guys are a beautiful family and she captures you perfectly. I think it is so great that you have made capturing beautiful memories a priority--it's something I need to do (we haven't had a family picture since Jonah was a baby!).

Chrislynn said...

Those are beautiful pictures and she did say wonderful things about your family. I love the picture of you and Cami and Rose is SO lovely, she really lives up to her name.

Sarah said...

Those are amazing! I didn't realize Rose was a such a cute little chunk! I'm so glad you had those taken and shared with them. You really shine. (And what is it about moms feeling like a failure. I feel that way more often than I want to, and I know it's really not true, but it doesn't stop it...)