Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life in Review: Sunday, May 18th

The amazing Seguines came to lunch. When they lived here, Tricia & I both served in the Young Women's program, while Dan was the Elders' Quorum President & Jason was one of this counselors. Tricia was the very first person to suggest that I start a blog. It only took two years after the suggestion was made for me to actually do it. But because she's so good about sharing her life online, we avoided all the "Hi, tell me about your life" weirdness where you aren't sure what sorts of things to talk about or what sort of topics are taboo.

Tricia & Dan lived in England when they were fairly-newly married, so I was glad to be able to ask about those random details that you'd never know about a place unless you lived there. Sort of a crash-course in integration. Unexpected bits: #1. Anticipate being unable to make cookies because baking powder works differently. #2. Check the ingredient list before purchasing ice cream -- otherwise you might find butter-flavored foam in a root beer float.

The kids had a grand time, as long as you discount the "I'm appalled at my child" five minutes when Graham pushed his guests & threw a chair at Bella. What a way to introduce her to our family.

Courtney is now an impossibly adult eight year old who was above most of the insanity. Although she let loose when the kids sequestered themselves in Cami & Graham's bedroom. At one point I stuck my head in to make sure everybody was ok. The beds covers were all on the floor, costumes were flung everywhere, & Carter (age 6) was yelling, "This is the best pillow fight ever!"

Jonah won the day, though, during a bathroom visit with his dad. I'm not sure what the context was, but Dan came out shaking his head and muttering "Where did he ever learn that?" It turns out that Jonah had absorbed a bit of Italian from watching the movie "Cars," because he wanted to verify that his father understood him by asking, "Capisce, Dad?"


Tricia said...

You captured the day much better than I. You have a wonderful talent for writing.

Marie said...

haha, out of the mouths of babes. You just never know what's going in and being absorbed do you? Makes our jobs as parents an even more awesome responsability. By the way I have never had any problems wih making cookies over here. The baking powder works just fine, the flour however is a bit different and not as processed as American flour so you may find a bit of a difference there!