Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am a quite small boy

One of the techniques employed to help Graham stay focused on his school writing is letting him photocopy his completed work. The photocopies then come home, so he can show us what he's done. His handwriting has dramatically improved in the last two weeks, but I just came across an almost illegible letter he'd written a classmate about a month ago for a "guess who" project.

Dear Max,
Guess who I am! I have straight brown hair and really dark brown eyes. I am a quite small boy.
I like to swim and I like trains. My favourite thing is the computer. I love Jack!

Love from ?

The line, "I am a quite small boy," makes me smile.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Driving Away Fear part 2

When Jason and I decided to move to England, there were a number of concerned people worried about how we'd survive without a car. I generally responded that I didn't plan to drive -- the left side of the road thing was too intimidating. But after a few months, a car came our way & the left side didn't seem so scary. Unfortunately, we could only drive on our U.S. licenses for one year.

Now I feel like I've been re-enfranchised. This morning I passed the British Driver's Exam. It took almost five months for paperwork to clear (thanks to a medical quirk of mine) just to get a learner's permit & then three attempts at the on-the-road exam. But now I can take my kids to church or to swim class without the expense of a taxi! Huge blessing!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Screen Time

Our house came stocked with a small, very yellow television which resides in the basement because we don't watch it. (Instead the kids think that TV means logging into BBC iPlayer & picking out whatever program they want.) But every six month that, plus other random bit of things with plugs come upstairs so an electrician can verify that they are sound.

Jason just brought up the television & Graham asked excitedly, "Is that a new computer?"