Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am a quite small boy

One of the techniques employed to help Graham stay focused on his school writing is letting him photocopy his completed work. The photocopies then come home, so he can show us what he's done. His handwriting has dramatically improved in the last two weeks, but I just came across an almost illegible letter he'd written a classmate about a month ago for a "guess who" project.

Dear Max,
Guess who I am! I have straight brown hair and really dark brown eyes. I am a quite small boy.
I like to swim and I like trains. My favourite thing is the computer. I love Jack!

Love from ?

The line, "I am a quite small boy," makes me smile.


Jeanne said...

I'm impressed with his sentence structure & vocabulary, too! Who is Jack?

Starr said...

Jack is a classmate.

Jessica said...

Ohhhh what a sweet boy!! I want one! miss you love you!!

Ellen Fehr said...

Made me smile, too:)