Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life in Review: Friday, May 16th

One of Jason's classmates from when we lived in Florida came to dinner and brought his impossibly cute girlfriend. We've seen a couple of the Tallahassee philosophers here in New Jersey, but Joe's visit may be a repeat event, because he moved here in early May.

It was fun to hear Joe talk to Cami, whom he hasn't seen since she was less than two. And to introduce him to Rose & Graham. He's one of those infectiously happy people who are just so easy to hang out with. The kids didn't intimidate him at all. I shouldn't have been surprised, because when we still lived in Tallahassee he went with us, along with another classmate, to a state park with caverns. He had fun playing with Cami in the car & telling her, "We're in the cave" -- the very thing that I'd say to Cami when we'd hide under the bed covers.

Joe's girlfriend is a junior high art teacher who graciously agreed to spend a Friday night with our under six crowd. I was so glad to have somebody to talk to about my plans to take art classes once we get to Leeds. I asked her what sort of art course she'd take if she could take any one class. I think the question surprised her, but her response got me thinking. She suggested ceramics, which had not been on my mental radar -- but I think when we get to Leeds, I'll try my hands at pottery.


Marie said...

ohhh great choice, Pottery. The English are masters at the art!

Kristin said...

I've always wanted to try that, too.