Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When I'm bored

I had a fight with Jason two days ago.  "How could you fight with Jason?  He's the nicest guy in the world" would be an appropriate reaction from those of you who know him in person.  And you would be right.  But, remember, *I* am not the nicest person in the world.

And I was bored.

"Boredom is emotional death" should be tattooed on my forehead for everyone to see.  I don't like filling my days with endless busyness, but I can't cope with purposelessness.

Unfortunately for me, my family (both the one I was born into & the one I helped create) is populated by people who don't share my craving for adventure.  Endless YouTube videos and Minecraft is not exactly bliss, but certainly not to be sneered at....which leaves me feeling trapped.   I can't even escape into the world of pretty photos on the internet because the kids have taken over my computer.

So, Jason got to deal with my nastiness.  Lucky guy, right?  (I still don't know why he sticks by me, but he does and I'm grateful.)

In trying to find the good in my wow-I'm-bored days, I spent an early hour outside playing with my camera.  Finding interesting bits that have fallen off the palm tree and the just-sprouted peas, scallions, and beans I planted with the little girls last week.  So, in finding my real life prettiness, I hope to avoid boredom and be nicer to Jason.  Because, truly, he doesn't deserve bored me...and I don't deserve him.


Amanda Chapman Orozco said...

Starr! I'm sure the fight wasn't all based on your boredom. Prof wives unite. I'm still on your side. And those photos are gorgeous.

Candy Eash said...

Come visit me!!! We can de-bore and explore! 😉

Kenda said...

There are just some of us that need to bust out at times, and it is not easy when we feel it building. Anytime you need an adventure or to bust out I'm always ready. Passport current and Mark can almost always get the time off so I can go play. They were on trek and I had 4 days to burn I wanted to do something fun and everyone I talked to just couldn't jump and go.