Monday, August 1, 2016

At Home or Abroad

 I've been deleting photos that don't interest me and editing ones that do.  A lot of the keepers are from our years in England.  The images mostly just require lightening, which is an easy fix.

Looking over these photos remind me of good friends and beautiful places, of days when Graham didn't have front teeth and when Gracie looked like an anime character come to life.  Happy days filled with disbelief at our good fortune at living in such a beautiful country.

I showed Cami some images of her playing in the River Wharfe with her best guy friend.  She looked at them with a smile for a moment and then said, "I have to stop.  These are making me too homesick."

Today marks the two year anniversary of when we boarded a plane with the final destination of Missouri.  Today also marks the one year anniversary of when we arrived in Arizona.  Two years of wanting to go home.

Leeds and loved ones, I miss you.

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Candy Eash said...

Oh - do I miss England too! When I'm old and grey, I'd like to move back and and instead of being the "cat lady" being the odd American raising sheep and traipsing through green fields and castle ruins. (Okay - I may have a cat, too.)