Saturday, October 23, 2010

Basking in Barcelona

Jason and I did the impossible. We got on a plane without our children (unless you count the one that goes wherever I go) and spent two nights in Barcelona. The whispers in the schoolyard that I'm pregnant will soon no longer need verbal confirmation: chocolate croissants & tortilla de patate have done their damage.

A garden courtyard inside the Cathedral.

Another indoor courtyard. This one is at the MFM, Museu Frederic Mares, which displays swords from the weapon maker (who I had never heard of before).

The Sagrada Familia. Honestly, we debated whether or not to stand in line to see the interior of this incomplete building. And once we were inside, we still weren't sure it was worth it. But at least we won't ever have to say, "Why didn't we. . . ?"

Tim Burton and the set designers for Star Trek could walk away with a million ideas from this place.


christina said...

Looks fantastic!

You didn't take MORE pictures?!

Cin said...

That's just awesome. I like that all of your pictures are taking *up*.

Sarah said...

Hooray!!! I'm so glad you and Jason got to take a trip!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, and the food sounds yummy!

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful experience! All that beauty & intricate architecture....makes our utilitarian buildings look so PLAIN! I'm so glad you could take this trip together, and I hope there will be many more such memory-makers! Thanks for sharing!

Marie said...

10 years here and I have yet to visit Spain.sigh . . . Glad that you were both able to get away alone, oh and forfot to congratulate you on your new calling!! xxoo

Lisa G. said...

Glad you got a chance to get away and go to Spain! I hope you liked Barcelona! We didn't go into La Sagrada Familia because my cousin told us it wasn't worth it, so we just took pics of the exterior...I remained slightly curious though, :-). Have you seen my Spain/Barcelona pics? Some of your pics look pretty familiar, ;-).

Lynnea said...

Beautiful! It sounds like a great trip.