Friday, October 28, 2011

The New Place -- for Lesley

So, we moved on October 1st. It's wonderful. It isn't fancy, but it's homey. Even though we haven't gotten a sofa yet (one is coming next month) and Jason and I are waiting for our new bed to be delivered, it's bliss. The kids have been off school for half-term (think spring break only it happens every six weeks) & because they all have their own rooms things are happy.

My wonderful friend Lesley has been hinting strongly that photos are due, so here we go. I could have pretended to live in some photo-shopped, magazine-worthy spread, but who am I kidding? If you are reading this blog, you already know that I don't live in a magazine -- I have four kids and am too lazy to run around all day cleaning up after them.

So, here's the photos of the interior. And you see, it's just a house. But wait until you see outside....
Rosie (and Graham) like her room.

The family room, which is waiting for the sofa to be delivered. Toys everywhere -- no surprises.

The opposite corner from the computer. This is my spot. (And more toys/games/puzzles.)


Ellen Fehr said...

Looks good to me!! Lots of empty space along with the
'kids live here' look:)

[I love how the word verification is often right on--this one is "daysago")

Ellen Fehr said...

And sweet Rosie with her cuteness!! That is my "Happiness is. . ." for the day!!