Tuesday, November 15, 2011

House Rules

Some childless friends stopped by recently and saw the "House Rules" posted in the kitchen. One of them observed, "Those wouldn't work in our house."

Here they are:

1. Only Say Kind Things
2. Only Do Kind Things
3. Inside Voices
4. Listen More
5. Do It Now!

The first three are mostly for the kids, the last two are mostly for me.

Yesterday was chaos because I didn't obey #5.

Graham had asked me to hang out with him in the family room, rather than doing my typical morning routine. Because I agreed, we were rushed getting everybody out the door for school, I didn't look at the calendar & totally forgot that Cami had a dance exam until she asked, "When's my dance test?" (as it was starting -- talk about a panic moment but it all ended ok), and I spaced it that a couple of friends were stopping by in the evening.

So, I got up when I woke up at 5 and got started on all those things I didn't do yesterday morning. Things feel much better. Now, to combine #4 & #5, I'm going to help Graham make pancakes.


Ellen Fehr said...

I still remember regretting for years that I slept in one morning!! Give yourself a pat on the back for making pancakes with Graham:)

Jeanne said...

I give you kudos for hanging out with Graham when he wanted to...that is what he will remember, not whether the rest of the day was chaos! :-) (Although it added to your stress level...)