Friday, December 30, 2011

Creative People -- Maegan Dougherty

My friend Maegan is hosting a My Favorites photo contest on her website. Go check it out. My vote goes to a cute little girl sticking her tongue out...and for once I don't mean Rosie.

Looking over the photos Maegan has shot in 2011 made me think about the photo shoots she used to do for us, particularly our last official session in June of 2008. Rosie was exactly eight weeks old, a chubby little baby in a blue-with-white-polka-dot dress. Graham looked so handsome in his blue-with-red-stripes plaid shirt. And Cami radiated Cami-ness as she admired the rainbow Jason had painted on her face. The photos aren't available in Maegan's archive anymore. But her words are. They still make me tear up with appreciation for the family we can be in our best moments. Thank you, Maegan, for reminding me.

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