Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Tradition

So, tomorrow I officially enter my late thirties. Huh.

Now, we have our family birthday cake that I always make. And it will get topped with candles (although not 36). But this isn't the tradition that I'm thinking about.

It's the don't-make-plans-because-one-of-your-children-will-be-ill tradition. And we're on track. Graham has been running a fever since Wednesday night -- and now I'm feeling terrible. This is a first. Usually I just spend all day in bed cuddling the miserable one. In fact, one of my favorite birthdays was 2008 when I received three books about England. I spent the day in my big, beautiful, pillow-top, king-size bed (oh, I miss that bed) with Graham. The best moment was looking in his eyes as he drifted to sleep.


Ellen Fehr said...

What a sweet memory! Thanks for including it here. Hope you feel better tomorrow and have a nice birthday regardless of the state of your and your children's health. Love you--thanks for being my girl!

Lisa G. said...

Happy birthday, Starr! I hope you and Graham feel better soon.