Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocket's Birthday

See how Rosie is skipping? When you turn four, you need to do something exciting. And if that something is hopping from light to light in front of Waddesdon Manor, you do it.

When the sky turns dark and sleet starts to fall, you eat the yummy ice cubes that fall from the sky.
(And you unknowingly have an older gentleman ask your mom if he can take photos of the cute little girls catching -- permission which was gladly given.)

Night time comes and then you blow out your multitude of candles with multiple breaths.
Celebrating just the way she wanted. Her only birthday requests were "Cake with candles on it" and "ice cream on a stick."

1 comment:

Ellen Fehr said...

For some reason the skipping picture and caption reminded me of AA Milne--I am sure there is a poem that would fit!