Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reception for Rosie

Dressed for school, playing with her favorite guy (who is still in his pjs).
 So, this post is six weeks late.  But Rosie's going to school a year earlier than your average American child, so it equals out.

Reception, the British equivalent of kindergarten, begins at age 4.   When I type that, my American self says "That's so little!  I didn't start kindergarten until I was 5 & I was only at school in the afternoons!"

But....Rosie was so ready.  She's been going to Featherbank twice a day for most of her life.  So, she was happy to put on her uniform & head to school with Graham.
The body language in this & the next photo says so much about how Graham & Rosie are friends.

Sorry that Graham is a bouncing blur.  I absolutely love Rosie's face in this photo.

In the school grounds.

Waiting for the doors to open.
 Six hours later, she emerged, full of enthusiasm.
Holding her "I survived my first day of reception" certificate.
The enthusiasm continues.  She makes Mrs. Gunn, her wonderful teacher, laugh.  She's clearly popular because other parents come up to me & ask, "Aren't you Rosie's mum?"  I've seen her run toward classmates before the school gates open, just to have a few extra moments of playtime.  She loves to be alive and reception is a great place to do some of that living.


Ben M said...

She looks super excited about school! Neal is really excited about school (day care), too. Hopefully that keeps up.

Tricia said...

Love the red gingham! It so suits her "down to the ground". :)

Ellen Fehr said...

I am so glad Rosie is happy at school--and I am positive she will do well, also, both socially and academically.