Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breaking Radio Silence

I feel like I dreamt about writing this post.  Or maybe it's just deja vu.  Lots of stuff happens, things that professional bloggers would be putting up in a heart beat.  But I go silent.  After a while I don't know what to write about.  So, here's a "I haven't got anything special to report.  I'm just posting something to get back in the habit"post.

So, there's this baby I know who isn't a baby anymore.  She goes to the cupboard to find Nutella multiple times a day.  She likes drawing on herself, the walls, & when she's cheeky-monkey, me.

I think I'll keep her anyway.

1 comment:

Ellen Fehr said...

I am glad to have read about t your darling girl--and I will be delighted to read more blog posts!