Thursday, October 1, 2015

For the Whelanator...and the munchkins

My friend Sarah messaged me on FaceBook today, asking me to get back to blogging.  Coincidentally, two days ago I pulled up the blog to help Rosie with a school project and all of the kids spent at least half an hour laughing at the funny things they'd said.  Or telling me (arguing with me) how a photo of Gracie couldn't possibly be Gracie, because Gracie had never been blond....

That experience with the kids showed me how valuable the blog was in keeping our memories of life in England alive.  That's how I felt there.  Alive.  Coming back to the States, especially to the city where I was born and had a lifetime of bad memories of...that wasn't living.  So, the blog when into hibernation.

And now, fourteen months to the day that we left home, I'm writing a post.  For Sarah and Julie and Becca, and everybody else who wants to see what this post-St. Louis stage is like.   But mostly, for the munchkins.  So that when they are older they'll remember to laugh.  And that their mom loves them.


Ellen Fehr said...

I have missed your blog also. Thanks for its return--and for posting Graham point on Facebook so I would know of its resuscitation!

sp said...

Glad you are back to writing a blog!