Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flower Power

We are getting ready for church right now. Showers & baths almost complete (one person to go). Clothing being selected & put on. All that stuff that is important to show respect to our Father in Heaven.

As most people can tell you, Jason and I haven't been clotheshorses since we've married. Getting through grad school while being parents puts a lot of stresses on the pocketbook & clothing is the area where we could skimp most easily. But, even though we often look terrible, it's a weird sort of vanity that makes me want the kids to look good (on average).

Cami just spilled some of her special breakfast treat (mango-peach sorbet) on her butterfly- and blossom-decorated shirt. The sorbet is a lovely yellowish-orange color and some of it dropped onto her shirt, leaving an orange mark. I asked her if she was ready to change her top for church. She looked down on it & said, "No. It's pollen!"


Marie said...

aww...I just love your stories about your kids. Makes me miss mine more, but that's ok. :-)

Kristin said...

Where does she get this stuff? I don't know if I've asked you this already, but have you read the books called Junie B Jones? Does Junie remind you of anyone?