Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Move is Upon Us

It's 7:00 according to the clock in my kitchen. In a mere 24 hours I'll be in the Philadelphia Airport with three overly tired children, a stressed husband, and more luggage that we can reasonably manage. Not to mention that I'll be so tired & stressed that all I'll want to do is cry.

Jason has been a hero. It's not easy getting a house cleaned & repaired (ie. spackled) prior to a move. Especially when potential tenants keep coming to see the place as we are putting the children to bed. I could happily rant about that for an hour, but I wouldn't be very happy when I was done, so why bother? I can happily proclaim how wonderful my husband is. He's taken on the cleaning while I surf the 'net, while nursing Rose and chasing the munchkins (sometimes). And when I've admitted how guilty I've felt about the unequal distribution of work he just hugged me & said he hasn't felt imposed upon by me.

So, today we wrap up all those "last of" details. Rose's last doctor's appointment/shots in the US. Turning in the last library books and paying off those last fines. Getting paperwork printed off & signed. And spending time with our wonderful neighbors. Cami's best friend in the neighborhood, Kathryn, will bring her family over for pizza tonight. We've got to eek out those last few hours with the Donners who have shown us such friendship and generosity over the past four years. And with Tim & Leslie, our upstairs neighbors who I don't even know how to say "good bye" to.

So, the end is upon us. Will I miss New Jersey as an entity? No. Will I miss many, many people, too many to list, who made the past four years worthwhile? Absolutely.

Come see us in Yorkshire! We have beds (although only one bathroom) for everyone. Just don't all come at once :)


Tricia said...

Happy trails! Good luck! Best wishes! (And every other good vibe I can think of) for you dear friend.

Marie said...

Ohhh Starr, I am wishing you all the best on this new adventure you are beginning. Safe journies and happy new beginnings! OH, it would be wonderful to meet one day, and it's now becoming a whole ocean closer to happening! XXOO

Amy Donner said...

Hello Starr,
I just wanted to let you know how empty Highland Avenue seems without all of you here. Kathryn has already had her first emotional breakdown regarding your departure. We hope you have arrived safely, and are enjoying time with your family. Best of luck on the next leg of your journey!