Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Men Moments

When Jason came home from house-hunting in England, the gifts he brought the kids were the books "Mr. Happy" and "Mr. Messy." I find these books just as wonderful as when I was a first grader & my teacher Mrs. Klein put me in a corner to read to myself while the other students learned how to read. (Yes, I suppose I'm bragging.)

Anyway, I read Mr. Messy to Graham at least once a day. And lately, with a few other Mr. Men & Little Miss books on loan from a friend (Cami's male counterpart is a four year old American whose dad also works in the philosophy department at Leeds), I read more than just Mr. Messy.

With Cami at school, Rose asleep, and the house picked up, I spent about an hour reading "Little Miss Birthday" to Graham. He noticed that the title character had a "snake" for a mouth, because she was "puzzled." That led to a mini-discussion about how our mouths & eyes best express our emotions. I showed him my "puzzled mouth & eyes" and asked to see his "happy mouth and eyes." But he wouldn't look at me. Finally I asked him, "What do your happy eyes look like?"

Rather than look at me, he replied "Brown."


emily said... are so smart!! I cannot wait to have my own lil tykes!

Marie said...

haha, you made me giggle. Brown. What a cutie pie he is!

Kristin said...

I like a no nonsense 3 year old, don't you?