Monday, September 22, 2008

"That Was Nice of You to Say"

At the Canal
Sitting on my Dresser
Crushing peppercorns -- and yes, I staged this, because when we were actually grinding up the peppercorns, I had to hold the pestle with him.

With Cami in school, I am getting to discover Graham for the person he is. That's not to say he's a stranger to me, but so much of our time together gets interrupted because he is "the middle child." But for six hours a day, he and I get to hang out.

So we read stories and build his train tracks while Rose is napping. And, when she wakes up, we go to the park. Or, as the photos show, we walk to the canal bridge (which is gorgeous & just over the hill is the real train tracks where we say "Hi" and "Bye" as "Thomas," "Percy," and "James" pass by). Or I let him join Rose in sitting on the furniture, because I love watching them watch themselves in the mirror. Or he helps me cook. . . it's more enjoyable for all of us when there are only two cooks instead of three.

Today we dropped Cami off at school & didn't even bother to go back home. Rose was in the hiking backpack, so we just headed down the hill for the canal, because Graham wanted to see the boats. When we were leaving the canal, I told Graham "Thank You" for taking me on this adventure.

I fell in love with my little guy all over when he responded, "You're welcome, Mommy. That was nice of you to say."


Patricia said...

Hey Starr, Cami looks so grown up for school. First grade, wow!!

It is really fun to get to spend some extra time rediscovering your child. Graham is such a fun little boy to play with. Please tell Cami hi for us and let Graham know that Dakota LOVED Percy, Thomas, Gordon, James, Diesel, Anni and Clarabelle, Duncan, Oliver and Douglass on Shining time station. Those trains are sooo much fun!! Hope everything is going well for your family!!

The Windy City Duo said...

Your kids are too cute. I am so grateful for the internet... for the ability to still keep in touch even with you across the pond. Just having an "I Miss Starr" day. Love ya girl

Marie said...

What a little sweetie pie! He looks so happy helping you out. Your children are lovely.

Sacto Cat Woman said...

Starr, Lesley sent me the link to your blog and I so enjoy reading it. I always heard about your children when you were in New Jersey, and now I get to keep hearing about them through Starrsview. It really is a beautiful young mum's journal, and reminds me of lovely times when Les and her sister were little ones. Lorri Doig

Love Lorri said...

It is so wonderful to hear your getting fun time with Graham! We love and miss him in Nursery! Give him a BIG BIG hug from sister Thorne! I am so jealous of your experiance! I want one, but Rick wont let me! LOL!

Kristin said...

Say no more - that has been EXACTLY my experience with Rhedd. I am so surprised at how cool he is! And how much I have neglected to teach him - i guess I just thought he would get it by osmosis ;-)