Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Nation

Cami is holding the "S." (This was the concluding number done by the school choir.)

I know it's blurry, but Cami is the child with the star just above her head.

This was when I first walked into the school hall. Cami kept looking for me & got the biggest grin when she saw me. Later, when she was singing, she'd look around until she could give me a little wave & then she'd focus.

I grew up in the American midwest, in one of those towns where everybody with kids (or so it seemed) went to church. At least in my neighborhood it worked that way. Part of the routine in my public school included rehearsals for the Christmas program -- a program that included angels, shepherds, innkeepers, and a very important mother, stepfather, and baby.

If Cami were attending a kindergarten in New Jersey, I'm quite certain the Separation of Church and State would make for a rather secular Christmas program. Even in my elementary school, things would be vastly different than they were during my childhood. But leaving the States makes for a very different environment. And so this morning I watched Cami be part of a program that included that very important baby.


Sarah said...

Right on! That is so refreshing. You can't even get away with saying "Merry Christmas" in a lot of places these days. You have to say "Happy Holidays" or something similar. Although I grew up near Rochester, NY and would be wished a Happy Hanukkah from time to time. I always appreciated it and never felt offended or anything... Crazy world of ours.

Cami is so adorable!

Marie said...

We have a C of E junior school right behind us and they do a Christmas pageant each year with the kids. I have never been to one, but I would hope that that very important baby would be included especially as it is a church school. It's getting harder and harder to stand up and be counted.

Patricia said...

Hey Starr,

This post is so wonderful. How blessed your children are to celebrate this special birthday.

I hope you and the kids had a great Christmas.