Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pillow Talk

As I was putting Graham to bed tonight, I asked if he wanted to sing songs. His selections were his two favorites: "I Am a Child of God" & "I Love to See the Temple". When we were done I asked how he felt.


"Do you feel happy when you sing I Am a Child of God?"

"Uh, huh. I wuv Heav'ly Fadder."

"You know he loves you, too? And that Jesus loves you?"

"I wuv Jesus, too."


Salmon Tolman Fam said...

Hi. My name is Kala. I read C Jane's blog, and as I was going through her list of commentators hoping for her giveaway, you stuck out to me. My husband went on a mission to Leeds 12 years ago. In February this year, he returned and took me with him to visit beautiful England for our 10 year anniversary. He baptized a lady in Leeds named Mary Verity, and we visited her when we were there. You must love where you live! We so enjoyed our trip there, and I wish we could go again often, but due to money, we wont' go for probably 10 more years! Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Marie said...

awww....your children melt my heart. I love the things they come out with. Simple words that touch my soul to the very core. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Kristin said...

Probably the most important conversation you have all week, huh?