Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breaking the Silence

It's been almost a month since I last posted. Holiday craziness got me out of the mode. But Cami & Graham both provided blog-worthy moments today.

As we were preparing to leave for church, I warned Cami that it was very windy (we've had gale-force winds the last two days), so she might want wrap up tightly. She asked how I knew, so I told her to look out the front window at the bushes. She peeked out & exclaimed, "Mom, the wind is hard enough to blow my make-up off!"

While Cami showed off her feminine (and imaginative) side, Graham demonstrated his sense of irony. I had to remove him from the church service because he took delight in repeatedly yelling, "QUIET!"


emily said...

Welcome back!! You were missed...I always love hearing about your makes me smile!

Marie said...

Welcome back to blogging Starr!! I missed you. I am glad your wonderful children have not lost any of their ability to delight us with their antics. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas, your first in the UK. I would be interested in hearing your impressions of it.

Anonymous said...

Glad Graham's "Quiet!" broke yours. Nice to have you back blogging.


Jen said...

Today is my first day back also. At least Graham seems to be learning something at church! I wish my kids picked up that much!