Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Face

Well, it was a nice sweater.
Chocolate -- yum!
Beautiful, bright baby.
Don't I look pretty?
Sweet sisters.

My wonderful mother- and sister-in-law bought me a new camera for Christmas. Thank you! I've been taking photos for the past month, but haven't downloaded them until today. So, here's a few photos of little Rose, showing off how big she is now (she started crawling on Christmas Day) and how my standards have lapsed (Cami wasn't even allowed to taste sugar until she turned 1.)


Anonymous said...

Rose looks so much like Graham!

Maegan Dougherty said...

That comment was from me (Maegan). :)

Amy Donner said...

I can't believe how big Rose is! You can definitely see the resemblance between all your children. They are so cute, and we miss them so!

Jen said...

I love that messy face!