Friday, January 16, 2009

Making an Entrance

I walked into a house today that has been under renovation for more than two years. And it brought back memories of a house I frequented as a child. In both residences, you cross the threshold into a tiny and crowded entry space.

I came home & told Jason how I had a title for a post. Because I was reminded that your first impressions when you enter a house influences your opinion of the house, its occupants, and yourself. When Jason and I lived in Florida, we'd only just moved into a new (and newly painted) apartment when some friends stopped by with flowers. Molly walked in the door & said, "I didn't know you were a color person. I am, too." Another friend walked in, absorbed the quiet of the cool green walls & said, "I feel so peaceful here. I don't want to leave."

I'm not writing this to congratulate myself on having an apartment that looked & felt good five years ago. And heaven knows my housekeeping skills weren't great & haven't improved with the additional years and munchkins. I'm writing it to remind myself that how I perceive others is strongly influenced by how they live; and that others' impressions of me can change by how they feel when I open the front door of my home.

I must always make sure to make an entrance.


Tricia said...

Cool thoughts.

Jen said...

It is true. My aunt came in my house the first time ever when it was in shambles and so messy. Since then she has refused to come past the front door. Probably out of embarassment for me!

Sacto Cat Woman said...

My entry hall would currently make you think I'm a terrible housekeeper (true) and a prolific reader (also true). It is piled high with books I have collected and need to deliver to the lady who organizes them for the Library book sale. I'm sure your aunt would be horrified!

Marie said...

Great post Starr!! (Yes, I am playing catch up again. I am way behind!) I'm not sure what impression people get when they enter my house. The barking dog is probably a bit put off!! But then again, it helps to distract them from other things that may leave a worse impression, lol