Monday, January 26, 2009

Parental Units

Yesterday Rose looked at Jason and said, "Da da da da." The classic I-feed-you-you-know-his-name-first scenario, I thought. I don't get upset about it, because I expect it.

Later, she was just burbling away and she kept saying, "Da da da" so I thought maybe her identification of Jason was just a fluke. But, perhaps not. I left the room and she came crawling after, crying, "Ma ma ma ma."


Sarah said...

That is so fun! It always takes me a while to figure out what is deliberate and what is chattering. John usually figures it out first and clues me in!

Marie said...

I am playing catch up again Starr!! I have gotten a bit behind on my blog reading this week as I have been really busy at work! I just love reading about your wee ones, and I am not surprised they got you into primary!! congrats on the calling. I am sure you will be a wonderful counselor!!