Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day Blessings

When I got my hair cut last week, the girl working on my head asked if how I liked the cold English winter. I had to laugh, because it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit & sunny & I'd worked up a sweat walking the half-mile to the salon. Then I told her that it was -5 degrees Centigrade in my hometown -- and she shuttered.

Things cooled off with a cold front coming in from Russia. We got about 3 inches of snow last night/this morning. Last time this happened, school got canceled. But not today. Graham stayed home with me, though, because he's got a respiratory infection coming on.

While I was in the basement pulling out Rubbermaid bins to find Cami's snowpants, I opened the bin with a bunch of toys that hadn't been played with since we lived in New Jersey. Up it came, a treasure chest for the sick little guy.

I've been thinking about how blessed we are to have extra toys that can be kept hidden until we need them. That I found them when I wasn't looking for them. That we have warm clothes for when the kids are out in the snow. That we live in such a beautiful place.

Our blessings have been on Jason's mind, too, so he gave a Family Home Evening lesson on blessings & gratitude. I had to leave the room for a moment, but when I came back, it was my turn to mention a blessing. I started, "I'm blessed with. . ."

And Cami interrupted, "Such wonderful children."


Grandma Jeanne said...

Wonderful, and humble, too! :-)

Marie said...

You just got to love Cami!! SO many blessings you have Starr. I loved the snow. It was a rare treat! Now I am wanting it to go away so that I can get out of here on Friday safe and sound!