Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a Walk

I've been jittery the last twenty-four hours or so. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so tired that my body is wired or something else is going on. But stretching didn't help (although I learned I can still do backbends with ease), reading didn't help, tidying up didn't help.

So, I took a walk all by myself this afternoon. Here are photos of things I saw that I liked. All within 15 minutes of where we live.

This is a 400 year old barn that's for sale. I so wish we could live there.

I just liked the stone arch with the gate.

When I tell Jason I'm going "by the cows" he knows I'm heading to these fields. There were only one or two cows out today -- sometimes there are many, many more.

I lay on my back on a big stone that juts out of the hill above the river. I spent some time there trying to be. To really experience the coolness of the stone beneath me, the sound of the river below, the blue of the sky and the clouds passing. I'm still feeling jittery, but I think I'm less sensually starved now.


rushton family archives said...

Great photos, Starr.


Maegan said...

These are beautiful. So green. I bet the air feels so clean and fresh.

Ellen Fehr said...

Maybe jitters were in the air yesterday! I am glad you were able to go and walk to places that help somewhat. The pictures are great--I will enjoy seeing these places in person!

Jen said...

That place seems so peaceful.