Friday, December 18, 2009

A Message From Jason

Graham has just been tucked away in his bed, after having a late night out at a friend's birthday party. Jason was the accompanying parent & related the following conversation that took place in the cab on the way home.

Graham (looking at the GPS): There is a little map in this car.

Jason: Yes. It's a very smart map. It knows where we want to go and tells the driver how to get us there. Isn't that cool?

Graham: Yes, it is.

Jason: They didn't have maps like that when I was your age.

Graham: They did have maps like that when I was my age!


Jeanne said...

Makes me think a little bit of Jason's question when he was only slightly older than Graham...."Dad, what kind of computers did they have when you were my age?"

Lisa G. said...

Haha, that story is hilarious.