Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smart Kid

Graham just asked me a joke/riddle/serious question -- I'm not sure.

Graham: What do you call a triangle without a top? (Imagine this being asked in a little boy lisp while big brown eyes look at you steadily.)

Me: I don't know, Graham, what do you call a triangle without a top?

Graham: A bi-angle.


Ellen Fehr said...

How does he already know that bi- means two?!!!

Lisa G. said...

Maybe because of the number-of-eyes thing? (I remember Starr talking about that before.) Kids are sponges, I tell ya.

Although, I thought he meant a truncated triangle, where instead of an apex (the "top"), it just has another side (like, instead of the two sides meeting at the apex, they stop before getting to the apex and therefore have to be connected by another side). In which case you'd have a quadrilateral, and if the side was parallel to the base of the triangle, you'd have a trapezoid. So I think I would have been confused, ;).

Starr said...

Lisa, I love it that you gave an answer worthy of a 9th floor girl!

Mom, you clearly missed a post or two. Lisa's made the connection.

Marie said...

Smart kid I am thinking!