Saturday, August 6, 2011

M'n'M moment

Rose talked me into buying her a package of Peanut M'n'Ms this evenings. She didn't have to work very hard for it, to be honest. I was happy to eat them. But I reminded her that she doesn't seem to like eating nuts. Still, they were the treat she wanted, so they were the treat that made it out of the store.

As we walked home, I carried her up on my shoulders. It's not an unusual arrangement. But I didn't expect a gentle rain of M'n'M bits falling around me. When I asked her about it, she emphatically explained, "I don't like nuts. Squirrels like nuts."

I think she was leaving them behind for the squirrels.

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Jessica said...

How cute is that!!! What a sweet little girl! Miss you guys lots! I love hearing how they are growing and the personalities they are developing!