Saturday, August 6, 2011

So I had this baby. . . .

For weeks, going on months actually, I've been thinking about how it probably looks to the world like I'm going through post-partum depression. I haven't put a million photos up on Facebook or here. I haven't written up the minute details of what it's like being the mother of four. It must look like I'm overwhelmed or in denial about the existence of this little creature that entered my life on May 14th.

The realities are a bit different. I am absolutely in love. When I lay on the bed with Grace tucked in close, I love the feeling of her sweet, round tummy pressed up against mine. When I walk around our neighborhood & the eye doctor runs out to the sidewalk to see the baby or the pharmacy-tech asks to get a cuddle, I feel proud. In part because these moments remind me that we've become part of the community, but mostly because Grace is so easy to love. I've said it to Cami, to Graham, & to Rosie, but it applies to Gracie just as much: I love you for you.

And I'm awfully blessed to belong to her.


christina said...

I had no idea you'd already given birth!!

Well a late congratulations to you!

Love the name Grace.


Jessica said...

I love you Starr!!! Thanks for reminding me AGAIN just how wonderful children are, how wonderful you are, and how much I miss you!!!!!

Ellen Fehr said...

They say by the third or fourth the newness wears off of adding a new member of the family. So nice to know that you are feeling the joy of motherhood. Love you Lots!