Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year is Here

I think Leap Year Day is cool. Had I been born two days later, I would be celebrating my eighth birthday. Instead, I celebrated my thirty-second. I just love the weird juxtaposition that Leap Year provides.

But I didn't realize that it's a hard concept to explain to a five year old. As Cami and I were running errands, I tried to explain that the solar calendar doesn't quite mesh with the numbers on a paper calendar -- it doesn't sound very believable. Anyway, any day that is "special" but doesn't involve presents doesn't really count as "special."

But I was just thinking that for us this really is a Leap Year. We're leaping from two-kid status to three. We're leaping from eternal-student family to gainfully-employed family. And we're leaping across the Pond. Maybe it's not just Graham who should self-identify as a frog.


Kristin said...

As usual, such a great take on an everyday subject. Cami is tough sell sometimes, huh?
All your leaps are so exciting, Starr. I'm so happy for you guys.

Sarah said...

Hey, I think I'm with Cami. Who says you can't have presents on Leap Year Day?! What a great idea...