Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Power of Suggestion

Do I have spoiled children? Probably. Over the past few days a Mac "Mini" has been delivered. . . first the insurance policy, then the cordless keyboard, and finally the Mini itself. By the third day, the FedEx guy actually said, "Hi, Starr, I'm back." Not only is he friendly, but he's consistent, unlike the UPS delivery people who generally leave our things six houses (and another town) away. (I found our long-missing digital camera on that porch last week -- it's been outside in horrible weather since the 12th of December -- so now I can be adding photos to the blog.)

The Mini is our "International Long-Distance Service" once we move to England. For those of you with webcams, iChat, AIM or Skype, let me know. We'll get some facetime. However, the reality is that the computer is for the kids. They kept interrupting Jason while he works on his dissertation, so we bought them their own computer. A bookshelf full of cooking stuff has been removed & the computer desk resides in the kitchen. This way I can watch what they're doing, as well as have easy access to recipes (today it was "semi-homemade refried beans" necessary to complete the chimichangas Jason was making for supper).

Yesterday was the first day that the kids could use the computer, which meant that except for the hour I took them to the park, they spent much of the day excited about this new toy. Cami's great love is watching Cosby Show clips on YouTube. And I love it, too. That was the entire purpose of Thursday nights when I was ten. . .I'm happy that my five year old thinks it's great. However, she found the clip where Cliff dreams he's pregnant. She only watched about 30 seconds of it, but it was enough. . .I'm suddenly feeling hugely pregnant. The sort of pregnant where you feel like your stomach is too big to carry an ex utero child, where you can't comfortably bend over & pick up toys, and where the last thing on earth you want is to have anyone touch you -- especially when it's kids climbing on (or rubbing) your tummy.

And the beauty of all this? In just two-ish months when the newest munchkin arrives, I'll be this big again.


Mary Beth said...

Sounds very cool! How fun for the kids. We're on skype, so we'll keep in touch. They boys will love to see and talk to your kids.

Hang in there these next two months!

Kristin said...

Cosby show on youtube . .. why didn't I think of that?