Monday, February 11, 2008

More cuteness

I realize I just posted a cute Grahamism last night, but he just did the funniest thing. Cami started this game a few nights ago at supper where we get different names. In the original round, I was "Shirt," Jason was "Milk," Graham was "Water," and Cami was "Foot". Well, Graham began a round about fifteen minutes ago, "Mommy, you are Pig" (you can guess how I felt about that). "Daddy, you are Horse." "Cami, you are Sheep." But he didn't self-identify. "Graham, who are you?" His reply was indistinguishable. It sounded like "I am Machine" or "I am my monster." So we started guessing, "Are you the Farmer?" "Are you a Cow?" No and no. But he helped us out: "Cock-a-dooooooooo." Rooster -- got it.

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