Saturday, May 17, 2008

April Flowers Bring May Showers?

April brought flowers to our house -- tulips & daffodils that Cami & I have planted over the past two years keep coming back -- and, of course, sweet baby Rose.

Then May brought rain several times this week. Cami & Graham took advantage of the puddles when they were available. . .and created unique fashion statements.


Kristin said...

My Cami had about the same comment - "Mom," said she as she gazed out at the rain, "May and April should have been switched."

Marie said...

We had such a lot of rain in April and it has indeed brought out all of our May flowers. It's such a breathtakingly beautiful time of year! Spring is my favourite season over here, although it was not so when I lived in Canada. Not sure what the difference is, perhaps spring is gentler here?