Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Misheard, Misspoken

My neighbor told me today that she misses getting updates on funny kid sayings, so here's a list of recent Cami-isms. Some of these are not unusual mispronunciations, but there are a few things unique to Cami.

Traditional Cami's Version
Animal Animal
Enemy Emeny
Yogurt Your gut (we're practicing to correct this one -- she can say "Yo, Gertrude")
Lightning McQueen Lightning the Queen


Tricia said...

Jonah says Lightning the Queen and I can't bear to correct him.

Marie said...

Cute! My niece used to say "Eyes Wow" instead of eyebrows, and my oldest son used to love watching "Little House of the Fairies." I love kidisms!

Kristin said...

Rhedd has the same cars mispronunciation. So is Cami familiar with the name Gertrude, then?