Monday, October 27, 2008

"Ah, Nicole, it's a crass, commercial world we live in"

Can anybody name the movie? Or at least the leading lady (although the leading man is equally charming in this movie)?

OK, I've made a decision which I've rejected for a long time. I've been loathe to add advertising to my blog, because #1 it just grates #2 I'm not cool enough. All of which is ironic, because I've actually written and edited advertising copy when I worked in marketing.

But, I'm doing this with a goal. . .I want a new camera. A camera that will provide quality photos for this blog, for grandmas, and posterity. And I promise to post adventure tales, with accompanying photos, with said camera.

So, until I learn "How to Steal a Million," I'll try to earn it.


Marie said...

I resisted adding ads for a long time. I finally did food buzz and it's not so bad. It's not at all unattractive and I make about $50 a month off of it, which isn't a lot of money, but not too shabby either!

Anonymous said...

Dear Advertising People-
Please put ads on Starr's blog. I will look at them. A lot. And Starr will get a cool camera, post pics, and attract yet more advertisees for you. It's a win-win.

celine said...

get the camera...even if it means poverty...and even if it is stolen...get it again...because it is worth it.

Jen said...

hey listen - your not selling out! I have had the same goal- a new camera- for a long time. I cant even make a 5x7 with any pictures I took before 2007 because of a lousy camera. I wish I would have just gone for it then! Someday though I am determined to get a better one! i hope you do too!