Thursday, October 2, 2008

Digital Native

Cami and I read stories before lights out, and then I tell her a story once the lights go off. She always supplies the first line, "Once upon a time, there were [number][animal]. Tonight's line was, "Once upon a time there were two rhinoceroses." About three minutes into my tale of Eddie and Sherry, she charmingly interrupted, "Mom, can we pause the story?"


Kristin said...

I liked the title to this post as much as the story! By the way, *, I got the book in the mail - boy, when you say you're going to do something, you do it! Thank you so much - I will treasure it always.

emily said...

I too love the title!! I'm curious as to how the rest of the story mother never told me stories, she told me to go to bed!

joycie said...

yep, digital it is, I recently bought Bailey a game with picture cards, you begin the story with "once Upon a Time" and you turn over a card and make up a line to go with the picture and then the next person goes adding to it. Bailey wanted to know why the box didn't talk and tell him the story instead!
The electronic age is upon us!

Love Lorri said...

Starr, your kids are too funny! Oh, and did I mention SMART! I love telling stories but mine were always so weird! Got any pointers, I will have grandkids some day. . .(I mean someday in a few years! lol)
love ya