Saturday, June 20, 2009

Old Photos from Jersey

I was just glancing through photos on the hard drive & thought I'd share a few photos from when we lived in New Jersey. . .all of these images are at least two years old. The kids sure are bigger now.

At Rutgers Gardens. Frogs live under the paving stones where Cami is standing. And Cami & Graham both fell into this pond at least once. I'll find the shot of a soaking Graham & post it someday.
I almost never put photos of myself up (obviously). But here's a random shot that one of the kids took. I miss that lamp in the background.

In her "third (fourth?) birthday" dress from Quinter. She still wears it for sleeping.
My little guy in 'jamas. I see this expression on Rose's face now.
It always made me laugh when he'd climb into the easel.