Monday, May 17, 2010

Choosing Joy

Jason's been in New Jersey since Wednesday.  He was supposed to be home today, but the Icelandic volcano has interrupted air travel to the United Kingdom, so he's getting to spend some extra time in the U.S.  When I got the message from him this morning I wasn't sure how to face the day, but I knew we would survive.

As I was trying to hurry Cami along, I recognized that our morning family scripture reading wasn't going to happen if the kids would make it to school on time.  So, I stood on the stairs with Cami complaining at me and recited a short Book of Mormon verse in my head.  "Adam fell that man might be, men are that they might have joy."  And for the first time, I really felt that I could choose joy.   So I chose to smile.  Cami noticed immediately.  "Why are you smiling?" she accused, probably thinking I was laughing at her.  I quickly explained that I was choosing to smile, even though the day ahead seemed hard.

I found things to appreciate in this "hard day."  Rose & I planted sprouted peas & I felt much better for being out in my garden.  At lunch I purposely based my meal around plate of the lettuce that I cut in my own back yard.  I chose to place cucumber slices in a pressed glass compote dish, carrot sticks in a blocky, white ceramic, & hummus in a red dish.  I needed that color in my life.  

I added something new (and atypically colorful) to my closet when I bought an emerald green linen dress, feeling like it was time to start having a "spring wardrobe."  And I chose to enjoy the truly new (only out of the ground for 15 minutes) potatoes that Rose harvested about four months too early.  The largest was the size of a large marble, the tiniest the size of a tear drop.  I actually tried one raw, wondering if something that fresh was tasty, but I couldn't swallow.  So I relished them quickly fried in goat butter.

It helps that the sun is shining.  It helps that Cami wanted to set the table with fancy dishes & wine glasses for our supper of fish and chips.  And it helps that I've chosen to choose joy today.


christina said...

Mmmm. Goat butter.

Chet and Brianne said...

I love the way you described choosing joy throughout your day... even when things are not going well. We've been challenged by this throughout the last week.

We hope Jason makes it home soon... when we saw the news about the ash cloud, you guys were the first people we thought about.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time at your house last week... it truly was one of the most delightful times of our trip and we cherish the time we spent with you and your family!

Tricia said...

Good for you! I'll bet the green looks lovely on you too. :)
I hope Jason gets home soon.

Jason said...

I want to be home. But reading this made me happy.

Jason said...

(And I look forward to meeting the green dress.)

Jeanne said...

I'm so glad that you were able to "choose joy"--seems like that's one of the hardest lessons to learn in life, but such an important one! You were an awesome example for your kids (esp. Cami, as she noticed). We're praying that Jason gets home safely REALLY soon! Love you!

Mary Beth said...

thanks starr. I needed this.

Lisa G. said...

Choosing helps to remember that it really is often a choice. I think many people don't believe that--you are an inspiration!

Wishing Jason safe travels home!

Jessica said...

Thanks Starr, I needed that! I love how strong you are, ALL THE TIME!! I thought of you and Jason and the kids and I headed up to EB to see the Cannon's who were visiting. I felt like I was going home, and starting thinking about all the wonderful times we had there. I missed speding time with you, cami, grahm and jason. those were sweet times. we miss you all the way on the other side of the world.

Next time Jason is in NJ, let us know we would love to see him.

loves from NJ
Jess, bill, madi, christian, and Gus

Marie said...

Somehow a bit of sunshine, mingled with scripture makes any day a better day! xxoo