Friday, May 14, 2010

One Degree of Separation

My niece Rebekah (and her soon-to-be-husband Tyler -- status changes on the 28th) are in a music video.  How cool is that?


christina said...


Great way to start my morning. :)


Lisa G. said...

Pretty cool--which ones are they (what times in the vid can they be seen)? :-)


Starr said...

Hi Lisa. Rebekah is the 2nd person shown -- the girl with the long red hair in the black shirt. Her fiance is the blond curly headed boy in the blue shirt who doesn't look directly at the camera. They are in the video because Tyler is the brother of the singer.

Lisa G. said...

Oh my gosh--I kinda guessed who Rebekah was. Not sure why I thought it was her, but I guessed right. Maybe a slight family resemblance? (And also I was looking for someone young and of marrying age.) I was less sure about Tyler because there were so many more young men in the video.