Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snap! He's Right

I shouldn't be shocked, but life with Graham can be so surprising. While in the tub today, he was chattering about this and that, when I suddenly thought I heard a rather advanced literary term pass his lips. When I asked him to clarify, I learned I'd heard correctly.

"Onomatopoeia. It's a sound word like 'pop' and 'meow'."


Maegan Dougherty said...

Wow! What a smarty pants! I love your blog posts. They always make me smile, and remind me I need to write more about Xander!

Cin said...

Ha! Fabulous. About the same age, ours were into alliteration, but they tweaked the term -- alliteration on "s" would be "salliteration," on "f" would be "falliteration," etc.

Tell Graham his literary aunt and uncle TOTALLY approve.

Sarah said...

Wow! That's about all I have to say about that. Smart parents and a smart kid.

Lisa G. said...

Awesome--I love the word onomatopoeia! (Although, I had to Google it just to make sure I was spelling it correctly; it's a doozy, LOL.) I love that he even gave correct examples.

Oh, and p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeanne said...

Where did he learn that word?