Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balloons of Hope

Many of you already know, but some of you don't, Christian and Stephanie Nielsen, a couple we knew in New Jersey were in a private airplane crash last Saturday. Last night balloons were launched in celebration of their life & as "Balloons of Hope" for good things to come for them and their family.

The scheduled launch was for 6 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time, which is 1 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time. So, here are some photos of our balloons making their way home & then joining others throughout the world in the launch.

(Forgive the poor photo quality -- our camera died a couple days ago & I took these shots with my phone.)


Marie said...

I had not heard about this terrible accident, but what a lovely way to celebrate their lives. Wonderful.

The Windy City Duo said...

It is so neat that you participated in this. I have been keeping up on the Cjane's updates and praying for these two and their kids.

Tricia said...

I thought of you watching your balloons go up in the dark and quiet night sky. It was nice to know we were not alone! When we went back inside Dan and I got a little teary for sure.