Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peep! Peep! A Day with Thomas

As you may or may not know, Graham LOVES trains. The train museum in Strasberg, PA, was -- and I believe is -- his favorite place to be. The only big toy we packed for him was his train stuff, because he keeps himself entertained with it for hours.

Our first night in Leeds, we had to stay in a hotel, rather than moving straight into our house. But I think there's a lot to recommend spending the first bit of time (if not one's lifetime) being a tourist wherever you live. Being at the hotel meant we had a full rack of local-interest pamphlets to browse and we learned that there would be a "Day with Thomas" event in a nearby town on August 23rd. We didn't tell the kids about this adventure, just in case something went wrong. But, things went right.

Talk about happy kids. We got to ride the local bus, the regular train, the antique double-decker bus with the open roof, and then some antique trains. Four hours weren't long enough for Cami & Graham. They would have stayed forever, I suspect -- as long as there was food.

Although I thought the trains were nifty, the best part for me was getting to see the English countryside. So beautiful. So truly calming. And traveling through villages with charmingly tended gardens and narrow streets makes me long to move out of the suburbs. Especially when I saw a modern electricity-generating windmill up on a hill -- crunchy out in the country.


Chrislynn said...

I love the English countryside too, and Richie loves trains. We need to visit!

Marie said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying England Starr!!! I have been praying that you would!