Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May I Help You?

For years Jason and I have lived in uncertainty. He was a student in a field where solid jobs were not guaranteed upon graduation. But it made him happy. And we've been blessed that he didn't just get a good job, but a great one with built-in tenure. Now we've got stability at a time when many we know do not.

A few months ago, I started to hear about friends and family members who were being laid off or were worried about their jobs disappearing. So, I offered to resurrect my old job title: writing consultant. The title is a bit misleading -- I, thanks to training from my awesome brother-in-law, worked as a resume writer. I got some positive feedback from friends, some of whom didn't know about those latent skills I keep tucked away in my brain & on my computer. So, I'm going public.

If you yourself or somebody you love need some help writing or rewriting a resume, cover letter, or CV, let me know. I'm offering with no expectation of payment. I realize that means I might be taken advantage of, but I'm willing to share what I have with those who could use some help.


celine said...

so sweet...i also love this job too and have been doing so for loved ones for a while as well. it is such a great skill to have and totally comes in handy during times like these. i hope some people take advantage of you :).

Grandma Jeanne said...

Bless you for using your talents to help people who are going through trying times! A very necessary part of the job-finding process will be easier because of you!

Marie said...

I taught the young women in my class on Sunday about service and this is a wonderful example of being able to use our talents to help others in need. Bless you Star!!